In each Module you will find assessments to complete.  These are longer tasks that you might need to do a bit of extra reading for, or you might need to spend some time reflecting on your own life, or workplace.

This is an example of one of the assessments you will find in the Course.

 assessment example

As you can see, for this assessment you will need to carefully read the information on the topic, do a little extra reading using the links provided in the Module, and spend some time analysing this information.  This assessment is asking for your own understanding on the topic, and your thoughts on it. 

Once you have written this assessment, you will then upload it as a MS Word document using the link.

The assessment will be reviewed and you will receive feedback on it within a few weeks.  The aim of the assessment is to test your knowledge, understanding, and explore your reflections.  There is no specific format that needs to be followed.

Everything submitted in this course will be kept confidential, however if you are using case studies in your tasks, please change the names to protect peoples’ privacy.

Plagiarism is not acceptable. Please ensure that what you submit is your own work. You may quote from other material but these should be brief and reference the source.


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