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Getting the most out of the course

BIC Short Courses can be completed in any order. Each Course contains different tasks to help to test your knowledge, as well as build on it.

Tasks such as this one are designed to test how well you have understood that topic.

sample task

You might also find reflective tasks to help you to think more deeply about a topic, especially in the context of your life or workplace. 

thinking task

There are also external links to follow to extra reading, videos to watch, and some resources to download.

Most tasks are not assessed but completing them will expand your knowledge and help you to put the learning into context.  We strongly recommend that you spend time completing all of these tasks to help you get the most out of the course.



When starting any Course, the most common question is always “how long will it take?”.  These Courses are self-guided meaning that you can work on them in your own time, and at your own pace.  Each page in the Course will give you an estimated reading time, however this doesn’t include the time it will take you to complete tasks, and the external reading.

We expect that all students will easily be able to complete each Course within six to eight weeks, including the assessments.  Many students will be able to work at a faster pace.  All assessments are due by the end of the Course, however we recommend that you work on these as you go to help to build your knowledge at each stage. Each Course must be completed within two months. 

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